Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Calgary Flames

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Suite à une demande spéciale, les Flames de Calgary ont droit à un remodelage.

After a special request, I decided to do a redesign of the Calgary Flames.

For the Calgary Flames, I kept the same color scheme that they have in the real NHL since I believe it suits their name quite well. For the logo, I did a modernization of the logo they have since their very begining. The result ain't a complete makeover and you can see many elements of the original "C" in it. I added a flame within the interior of the "C" to have a double effect of flames (in the interior and in the exterior).

ome and away jerseys, I changed completely the design to have new jerseys that have never been done before. Since the Flames had many audacious redesigns in their past, that's something they could potentially go for. I kept their current font and the black numbers on their home jersey since I think it's unique in the league because other teams usually go for white number on their home jerseys. For both the home and away uniforms, I used the flaming horse that they had in the past. I think it's a great looking shoulder patch and the only error the Flames did with this logo is the fact that it was used as a main logo on a jersey for a couple of years.

Finally, for the 3rd jersey, I went with the very first jersey they had when they switched from Atlanta to Calgary. They do use that jersey as a 3rd one in the NHL, but the stripping pattern at the bottom is incorrect in their real life version. Aslo, I did not put white in the collar just like the way it was in 1980. That collar was only use for one year and I think it's a nice little wink to the true hardcore fans who notice these kind of details.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - New Jersey Devils

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The New Jersey Devils always have been very conservatives with their look. When teams chose to do redesign of their look in the new RBK Edge era, the Devils did little fanfare and kept their old look. I believe it takes conservatives team to have a great balance of designs in the league. Therefore, my redesign of the Devils is the look I think they should have taken in the new RBK Edge era and is not a complete redesign but more of a modernization. For the main logo, I kept their old one, while doing slight changes to it to modernize it, just like the Detroit Lions in the NFL. The result keeps the tradition of their old logo while making a statement for a modern look.

For the jerseys, once again I did not make any drastic change. It keeps the elements of their old look while adding a touch of modernity to it. At first glance, you can see that it's a new design, but you can as well see where it comes from. For the 3rd jersey, I went in the Devils first season as it's based on the very first red jersey they had in their history. Since the Devils are very conservatives with their look, I believe that's one of the very few options they would accept as a 3rd jersey. You'll notice a "PB" patch in front of the three jerseys: it's obviously a tribute to the late great Pat Burns who won the Stanley Cup with the Devils in 2003. The Devils do use that patch in real life for the 2010-2011 season.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Los Angeles Kings

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I had a hard time deciding between doing a complete redesign for the Kings or going back to their past. I decided to do a redesign, but I'll probably do the other option once every team are completed. I kept the same color scheme that they use right now, but by not adding any white for their logos and regular jerseys. I did not include white to give the Kings a distinctive look but as well as a tribute to their first years in the NHL where they did not use white on any jerseys. I chose purple as a main color for the home jersey for the same reasons. Since purple is a color associated with royalty, it only adds to the relevance of doing so.

logo is a lion, for obvious reasons since the lion is the king of the animal kingdom. I kept it simple since the Kings never used much details in their past logos. For the secondary logo, I used the crown that the Kings had in their very first main logo and I changed to colors. Like many other things in this redesign, it's a wink to the Kings' past.

For the 3rd jersey, I used the Gretzky era jersey. I believe you can't go wrong with that choice since that era was the most successful for the Kings, going to the Stanley Cup finals in 1993 with this look.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - St. Louis Blues

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In their history, the Blues have had four different main logos. Each time, they went with a little modernization. I did the same thing with their main logo this time, updating it a little bit. I also added a secondary logo, which takes the trumpet from their secondary logo in the mid 1990s and I added to it the Gateway Arch which represents quite well the city of St. Louis.

are one of the very few teams who had a great redesign of their look in the RBK Edge era. Therefore, I kept the basic ideas of that design to do the home and away jerseys. I did minor changes tought, the most notables ones are the switch of the two shades of blue for the home jersey, the addition of the secondary logo as a shoulder logo for both jerseys and a new contemporary font. I believe going with the darker shade of blue for the logo and the home jersey gives the Blues a good modernization without going overboard.

For the 3rd jersey, I went in the Blues' past. It's based on the jersey they had at the start of the 1980s with some minor changes for that jersey as well. They could use it on throwback nighs or when facing older teams.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Columbus Blue Jackets

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L'équipe de Rick Nash est maintenant complétée !

Rick Nash's team is now done.

When the Blue Jackets entered the league, it wasn't clear for all people where they were going with their design. Their main logo was only letters forming their name and their secondary logo was a bug. The Blue Jackets name represent Civil War soldiers. Ohio and Columbus were a huge part in the victory. That's why I simply created a soldier during that time as their main logo. As a secondary logo, I kept the Civil War hat that they use as a shoulder patch right now, but with deleting the extra all around the logo. As a third logo, I kept their current main one since it represents the State of Ohio quite well.

For the jerseys, I used the same design for all of the uniforms. I changed the logo in all of them and the color to make them unique but by keeping the flow of the overall design. The design is modern and I think it's the way to go for them since they entered the league in 2000. The logos speak the history behind their names while the uniforms speak for a modern franchise.
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