Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Boston Bruins

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Les Bruins de Boston ont maintenant un nouveau look basé sur leur riche passé.

The Boston Bruins now has a new look based on their rich past.

The Boston Bruins have a grat identity. In their history, they've establish themselves as one of the greatest looking team around the NHL. Therefore, I tried to keep the basics of their look and I only tweaked little things. I did not touch their main logo. I also kwpt their actual secondary logos which are based on their very firstl ogo they had more than 80 years ago. I added a brown B as a secondary mark to be used on historic nights and promotional items.

erseys, I went in past Bruins jersey to base mine. The changes are subtle and are mainly done to fit the RBK Edge template. I did not change many things on the home jersey. However, mine is based mainly on the 1969-1974 black jersey they had. In that span, they won 2 Stanley Cups and it was the Bobby Orr era, so it's hard to make a mistake with it. Like the jersey they had in that era, I started the bottom stripes from the very bottom of the jersey. Another obvious change from their actual jersey is the collar, which is yellow like it was when the Bruins won their last Stanley Cup.

The Bruins used many yellow jerseys in their history. That's why I made a yellow away jersey like the Swedish National Team. The design I used for that jersey is pretty much the one they used in 1958. I also inverted their main logo because the Bruins used that strategy many times during their history. There's no lace on the yellow jersey since they never used laces on their yellow jerseys in the past.

The 3rd jersey goes way back in history. It's based on the jersey they had in 1932. I did it white so if their yellow away jersey can't match the other team home jersey colors, thay can use their 3rd jersey as a replacement. That 3rd jersey should also be used on special nights.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Phoenix Coyotes

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L'équipe qui devrait être à Winnipeg est maintenant complétée.

The Phoenix Coyotes are the latest team to get done in my "NHL Redesign" section.

The Phoenix Coyotes had a very good idea by changing their look in 2003. Before that year, they had way too much colors and a logo not worthy of such a name. However, they went with a classic jersey and in my opinion that was an error since there's no history of hockey in Phoenix and their name ain't classic either. I took the base of a great redesign by keeping the colors (minus the sand color) and logos. I switched their 3rd jersey logo with their main logo since I believe it's more beautiful that way and did some very minus changes to the main logo itself. The moon was already use by the team since their arrival in the NHL so I kept it, but only using it as a shoulder patch on the jerseys.

I used the same design for all three jerseys. The 3rd uses the second logo. I think the result give the Coyotes a distinctive look with the burgundy and with a modern design for the jerseys. Maybe I'll have to redo this NHL Redesign in a couple of months by doing a revamp of the Winnipeg Jets ;)

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Tampa Bay Lightning

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L'équipe de Vincent Lecavalier est la toute dernière à s'être fait refaire une beauté.

Steven Stamkos' team is the latest to get done in my "NHL Redesign" package.

The Tampa Bay Lightning has a great color scheme, but in real life, they don't use the blue enough. I've kept the same color scheme, but I added importance to the blue. Also, the Lightning logos over the past has been quite disapointing in my opinion. I believe it's because there's not many options to make a good logo based on the name "Lightning" itself. I went over the edge with having Zeus as the main figure of the Lightning. Zeus is the King of God as well as the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology. For the secondary logo, I kept the one they had before but with changes in the circle behing the bolt and by deleting the word "Tampa Bay" in it. I believe a logo should speak for itself and having the team name or city in a logo ain't going to cut it in profesionnal sports.

For the jersey, I used the same template for all three of them. The Lightning always used a black jersey since their very first begining so I had to have a black jersey in the package. For the third jersey, I switched logos to make it more unique. I kept a feature that I love about the Lightning jerseys: the "victory stripes". That's a tradition for the Lightning to have these stripes below the arms and they're symbolizing victory. The idea is that they can been seen clearly when the players have their arms in the air to celebrate a goal. Overall, I had to give the Lightning a contemporary look since they're a new franchise in the NHL and in a market without a huge history in terms of hockey.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Dallas Stars

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Les Stars de Dallas gardent leurs couleurs mais changent de logos et d'uniformes dans cette nouvelle partie de «remodeler la LNH».

The Dallas Stars keep their color scheme but change their logos and jerseys in this NHL Redesign.

The Dallas Stars have a unique color scheme to establish the look of their franchise. However, their logo seems pretty old and I don't like professionnal teams who need to use text in their logos. In 2003, the Stars added a 3rd jersey with a weird logo that looked like a uterus. I used this logo, but by changing that obvious mistake. I turned the horns upside down, I deleted the constellation in the logo and I also deleted the red that they had. I also added a star using the same shape as their original logo in the forehead of the bull. If you look closely, you'll also see the shape of Texas in the left part of the bull's nose. In my opinion, that logo gives the Stars a more professional look. As a secondary mark, I kept the stars that they have in their real-life logo, but I added some effect in it to have more details in the star itself.

the Stars won the Stanley Cup and they had very good jerseys. The jerseys had a star shape in it. However, since the RBK Edge era took form, they had to get rid of them. Since the jerseys were very good, I used that idea in my uniforms, but adjusting it to the RBK Edge standards. Having a bull as a logo for the Stars is maybe odd, but since the jerseys themselves have a star in it, I think it can do the trick.

In my opinion, a 3rd jersey has two options to be great: having a historic feel to it or being unique. For the Stars, I took the latter. No team in the NHL uses copper as a base for a jersey. The arched "Dallas" as a logo wasn't that popular when it was introduce. However, the idea ain't bad if it ain't use on two many occasions. That's why I also took that idea for the 3rd jersey. The overall look of that jersey won't please everybody, but that's probably the case for any 3rd jersey anyway.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Nashville Predators

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Les Prédateurs de Nashville sont maintenant faits dans la série "Remodeler la LNH".

The Nashville Predators are now done in my redesigning of the NHL.

The Nashville Predators are too young to have classic jerseys. On the other end, it's no reason to have busy jerseys with a bad color scheme. Since they seem to want to get rid of yellow in real life, I also deleted that color from their scheme, replacing it with a brighter blue. I also gave gray a bigger role in their color scheme. Since their logo is already one of the best in NHL, I only changed the colors in it to keep the flow with that color scheme. I also took their old 3rd jersey logo with that new color set.

same design for their home, away and 3rd uniforms. I added a triangle behind the logo on their away jersey to have more contrast between the logo and the jersey. On the 3rd jersey, I inverted the main logo and the shoulder patch to make it more unique. I also used gray as the main color on the 3rd jersey since it's not a color used by any other teams in the NHL and therefore it makes that 3rd jersey unique without getting over the edge since gray is already in their color scheme.

I did the design using the lines of the RBK Edge uniforms. The result gives the Predators a contemporary design.
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