Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - New York Islanders

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Les Islanders de New York ont maintenant un nouveau design.

The New York Islanders now has a new design.

In 1995 the New York Islanders did one of the biggest mistake in their history ditching their traditionnal look to replace it with a weird design and a logo with no significance. They corrected their error since then and went back to their original design. I couldn't agree more and my redesign for them goes back to their entry in the league in 1972. You can't go wrong with that design for the Islanders. I added the four lines on their shoulder which represent their four Stanley Cups. They added these lines in 1998 but kept them off their redesign this year.

As a secondary logo, I used the lighthouse they had as a secondary logo during their redesign of 1995. I changed some things to it to make it more appealling and to keep their current color scheme. Since they have traditionnal uniforms for the home and away jerseys, I decided to have a more modern look for their 3rd jersey. I used that secondary logo on it.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Atlanta Thrashers

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Les Thrashers d'Atlanta ont maintenant un look simplifié !

The Atlanta Thrashers now has a simplier design.

The Atlanta Thrashers use 6 colors in their scheme. I wanted to prove with that redesign that a simplification of a color scheme can do wonders. I recolored their actual logos with that new color scheme and switched their main logo with their secondary. I believe that the "T" is a better logo since it's more simple, just like the color scheme, and has a double meaning (that's an overview of a thrasher flying as well as a "T" for the first letter of their name).

By only using navy blue, baby blue and white, the Thrashers now have a simplier look, yet making them very distinctive nonetheless. A simple color scheme doesn't equal a simple jersey either as you can see. For the 3rd jersey, instead of keeping the template of the home and away jersey, I went with a classic look. It's the same design the Atlanta Flames used in the NHL minus the logo and the color scheme. The Atlanta Flames were the frst NHL team in Atlanta before moving to Calgary in the eighties.

Les conservateurs sont finis à Québec

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Voici l'image qui m'est venue en tête en apprenant que les conservateurs allaient probablement refuser d'aider Québec à construire un nouveau Colisée. On pouvait être d'accord ou non avec l'aide du gouvernement dans la construction du nouvel amphithéâtre, il n'en demeure pas moins que les conservateurs avaient été mis dans un coin par Régis Labeaume et Jean Charest. Les députés du Québec du gouvernement Harper ont joué le jeu en arborant le gilet des Nordiques. Cette image va les hanter. Elle est la preuve même que le gouvernement Harper ne tient pas ses promesses. Alors que la région de Québec était la seule région forte pour les conservateurs dans la province, ce volte-face leur fera mal. Je ne vois pas comment les députés présents sur cette photo pourront s'en tirer. Du même coup, les conservateurs, avec ce refus, risquent de rester minoritaires à tout jamais.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Vancouver Canucks

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Les Canucks de Vancouver sont la deuxième équipe à être refaite.

The Vancouver canucks are the second Canadian team to get done.

The Vancouver Canucks had many changes of look during their tenure in the NHL. Did you know however that the Canucks orignally were in the WHL? Their name is a nod to Johnny Canuck, a Canadian superhero and our own version of Uncle Sam. The logo I did for the Canucks is a revision of the logo the orignal Canucks had and which the Canucks revisited in 2006 (trhey' don't use it as of now). However, I changed the colors and kept the original face which is more detailed and historically accurate.

ndary logo, I used the stick in the rink logo they used since their arrival in the NHL. the one I used is the updated version that the Canucks introduced in 2007. for the home and away jerseys, I kept their original design but by adding a touch of modern design in them. The home jersey uses Johnny Canuck as a main figure and the away jersey keeps their original logo.

For the 3rd jersey, I went further in the past. It's based on the Vancouver Millionaires jersey. The Millionaires were a professional hockey team between 1911 and 1926. They won 6 championships in the PCHA and they also won the Stanley Cup once in 1915. In 2010 the Vancouver Canucks purchased the use of the Millionaires so it's only a question of time before the Canucks use it more often. In my opinion, it gives the Canucks a great historic feel and a nod to the first Vancouver team to have ever won the Sanley Cup.

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Washington Capitals

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Alexander Ovechkin a maintenant trois nouveaux gilets !

Alex THe Great now has three new jerseys.

The Washington Capitals have had two major makeovers in their history. I believe that the red, white and blue color scheme best suits their name. I combined some elements from their present and past designs. The main logo is based on the one they had from 1995 to 2002, but with their current colors. The secondary logo is the secondary logo they have right now and which is very popular. The 3rd logo is the main logo they have right now.

For the designs, I did a blue away jersey since their 3rd is red. I tried to do a modern design for their home and away jerseys. The 3rd jersey is based on the very first jersey they had when they entered the league in 1974. However, I put the current red and blue, which are darker, and I used the modernized logo on the front. The result give a historic jersey with a new vide.
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