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2015 NHL Playoffs (finals)

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With the Tampa Bay victory and the Anaheim lost in the last round, I now have a record of 9 good predictions out of 14 (64.29%) in these playoffs. In the Stanley Cup finals, the obvious choice would be to go with the Chicago Blackhawks. Their recent… suite »

2015 NHL Playoffs (3rd round)

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I had 3 good predictions out of 4 in the 2nd round so I now sit at a 66.67% rate (8 good predictions out of 12). We're in the final four and both matchups should be long. Here's my predictions for the Conference finals. In the East, both the New York… suite »

2015 NHL Playoffs (2nd round)

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With a 62.5% success rate (5 good predictions out of 8) in the first round, I'm still above the 50% mark. The second round seems really hard to predict each and every year and it doesn't seem to change this time around. In the East, I believe that the… suite »

2015 NHL Playoffs (1st round)

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The best time of the year to love hockey starts this week with the NHL playoffs. As usual, I'll do my best to try to predict the winner of every rounds. Last year I got a 60% success rate (9 good predictions out of 15) while in 2013 I had a score of… suite »

Remodeler la LNH - NHL Redesign - Philadelphia Flyers

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Why? Even tought the Philadelphia Flyers entered the NHL in 1967, they had very conservative and classic designs throughtout their history. I believe that the Flyers are one of the rare team who can have a design with only one logo. Their main logo nev… suite »
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